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Backlinks and banners


A link to one of our networks is rewarded with a color-highlighting of your entry. Here, it makes no difference whether you choose a text link, a banner or even a small therapists list.


Text link

Please always create a link to the main domain ( without indicating paths to certain folders or files, so that the link will work in the long run: Network Psychotherapy.

Source code:

<a href="" title="Catalog of Psychotherapists">Network Psychotherapy</a>



If you do not wish to use an ordinary text link for referring to our page, we would be happy to provide you with the following banner:

Network Psychotherapy

Source code:

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Catalog of Psychotherapists"><img border="0" src="" alt="Network Psychotherapy" width="234" height="60"></a>





How to create a backlink?

You can create a backlink from your homepage to a page of your choice. Usually no new page has to be created for this sake. Most websites already have a page that is designated for links to external pages, e.g. for references to professional associations, befriended therapists or the like. Just add our text or banner link. If you do not administer the website yourself, please let your webmaster perform the adding. Please also make sure that the page, on which the backlink appears, is registered with Google, at least.


What is a backlink actually good for?

Google, currently the most important search engine on the Internet, preferentially displays sites that are often referred to by other websites. This is one of the main reasons to actually enroll into a list: Through the entry the number of links on your homepage (link popularity) is increased, and so is the priority, with which Google displays your websites in a position further up on the results list. The higher the evaluation score of the website, on which the link was created, the higher the benefit for the target address. Therefore, it is also in the interest of the participants to increase the link popularity of the network portals, because these pass their Google valuation on to the Internet pages that are listed there.


But I also support my competition through my backlink, don't I?

That cannot be excluded, indeed. After all, the user has the freedom to choose the therapists that best suits her or him. However, by creating a backlink, your competition supports you to the same extent. Therefore we will not be able to avoid an obligation to create backlinks in the long run. Entries without a backlink will then at least be downgraded, and therefore will be less striking in the result lists. For this reason it makes sense to already set the backlink on your master list.

For the list variant you can identify an area code region that is to be blocked, so that at least your direct competition from your region will not appear on the lists.




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Local search

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For example D-40 to search for German therapists with post code D-40000 to D-40999.



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