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The main function of the portal for psychotherapy search is to provide you with qualified links and addresses of persons and practices offering psychotherapeutic treatment.

On the left side you find a submenu entitled 'For clients'. From here you can access the data pool through different lists, [which you can pick] according to your requirements:

The therapist list shows the therapists' entries, in which the most important information is given. The link will then take you to a detailed view of the profile.

The location list provides a brief overview of the locations (ordered by area codes) where the providers of psychotherapeutic treatment, who are listed in our database, are located.

The photo list shows a compilation of photographs which were added by the therapists to their entries. These are usually portraits, so that you can get a visual impression of the [respective] psychotherapist, as well.

The website list shows a compilation of screenshots, depicting the websites of all providers of psychotherapeutic treatment. If you click on the individual pictures you are taken to the profile of the respective therapist or the respective institution.

The search list shows the results of a keyword search by any arbitrary keyword.

The sponsor list constitutes an important aspect of our quality management (quality objective: transparency), as it assures and documents the independence of the therapist portal. It reveals who contributes or has contributed to the creation or maintenance of the list of psychotherapists, and in what way this is or was done.




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For example D-40 to search for German therapists with post code D-40000 to D-40999.



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