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For the time being this portal does not serve any commercial interests, but rather has the major function to interlink psychotherapists.

Therefore, you will not encounter any banner advertisements on our pages. We will not pass on your address and you also won't be molested by any commercial eMail s to the eMail address you have provided us with.



The portal is managed by a full-time relationship psychotherapist, who does this work on top of the normal workload in the practice. When sending queries, please keep in mind that there is no editorial team or professional programmer available.

The network is based on the idea that the further development of psychotherapy should be grounded on inter-professional tolerance and a diversity of methods.

Moreover, we believe that creativity, personal [commitment[MSOffice2]] and independent thinking constitute important preconditions in a therapeutic process.



The portal was launched in 2006 and was initially meant to be a collegial network for psychologic relationship therapists. Because the structure of the portal could be multiplied with relatively little effort once it was created, in the course of the years other portals emerged in intervals of about three months, first in the maintainer's field of work (relationship, family and sexual therapy), then increasingly also concerning other psychotherapeutic topics.

Since 2008 the platform has also been made accessible to other psychotherapists from other European countries, first in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.


  Network Since (ca.)
1. Netzwerk Psychotherpie 01.03.2008
2. Red Psicoterapia 01.09.2008
3. Réseau Psychothérapie 01.03.2009
4. Network Psychotherapy 01.09.2009
5. Netwerk Psychotherapie 01.03.2010
6. Rede Psicoterapia 01.09.2010
7. Rete Psicoterapia 01.03.2011


Technical facts

The technical infrastructure of the portal consists of a SQL database in the background and a webbased interface, which is mainly programmed in HTML and PHP.




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