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The objective of the network is to raise more attention for the possibilities of psychotherapy among the population and to provide information on the methods that are being used. This is meant to lower the inhibition threshold when it comes to psychotherapy, and also to facilitate the contact to regional providers.

Apart from its public relations aspects, the network is designed to facilitate an exchange between providers of psychotherapeutic treatment from different regions throughout Europe. For this sake a forum has already been created.

Moreover, psychotherapists are called upon to publish short essays and professional articles on the network pages. The articles will be published with the author's name and, if desired, will be linked to his or her pages. Hence the essays do not only constitute a source of information for clients and therapists, but also an opportunity for self-presentation.

The texts can be submitted by eMail, preferably in the form of unformatted .txt-files. Moreover, we welcome any suggestions regarding the further development of the network.

If psychotherapists wish to enroll in different lists with their practices, they can do so independently and free of charge. A psychotherapy license at their work location normally constitutes a precondition for enrollment.

As this list is also searched and indexed by Google, practices having their own website can improve their 'link popularity', thus potentially increasing the 'page rank' of their homepage.

In case you are a webmaster, we kindly ask you to create a link from your page to this list.




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